Year of Discipline: August

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” 
― Sylvia Plath

It’s time to recount how my Year of Discipline went down in the month of August, ducklings. I cannot believe we’re nearly three quarters of the way through 2019. This year is going by way too quickly and while I’m not feeling as successful in my theme as I wished to by this point, I have to admit that there are individual months that are dizzying in their productivity. This felt like one of them

General Motivation

This was a tiring month and anyone who thinks of a family wedding as a vacation is deranged, but all things considered it was a good month for motivation. I got a lot done–not always what I would have wished, but a lot nonetheless. Work continues at a manic pace, but that’s on par for the course, and I’m actually seeing some traction on things that I’ve been advocating and pushing for for a long time. Now I just need to pull them off–gulp!


This was a meh month on the health front. I had all kinds of goals that I wanted to meet before the wedding and threw every last one of them unceremoniously out the window. Sometimes you just need to prioritize, and this month the priority was on family and our living situation. Now that we’re back I’m refocusing on food and exercise and hope to focus even better once we’re through the move to a new apartment next month. One thing at a time is okay, sometimes. Don’t ask me why I find it easier to get “into shape” for cold weather season rather than warmer, there is no explaining it.


As you might imagine, we’re still coping with the double whammy of deciding to move house and immigration costs so belts were tightened this house. Yes, in spite of the travel to the States! My parents were unbelievably generous and paid for our tickets (as well as my little sister’s from Japan) because we couldn’t have afforded it by ourselves, but we also stayed in check. The only thing we really paid for were meals, including a lovely siblings-only brunch the day of my brother’s wedding.

My one indulgence during our travels was a pair of earrings purchased from a jeweler in Corvallis–a pair of gold hoops. They are the most basic things you can imagine, and yet I’ve worn them pretty much nonstop because they are perfect in their basic-ness and filled a distinct void in my jewelry case which is filled exclusively with studs. I added this happily to the annual tally of purchases. Anyone going to the Corvallis area, look up this local and artisan shop in the historic downtown. They make their designs in house, focus on recycled metals, and have a lovely colored gemstone offering. Very much Small Dog approved!

Food was a priority this month and I’m ticking off a goal related to limiting our takeaway purchases. I gave us a little leeway the day before and immediately after returning from the wedding when the cupboards were bare by design, but consider the spirit of this goal well and truly fulfilled. As you may expect, it’s was ridiculous to be confronted with how much money we waste on food, by virtue of how much extra cash I had on hand when restricting myself to homemade meals. We know this to be one of our largest expenditures after rent, and I’m determined to continue with the good habits instilled. I’m also two months into a three month no-takeaway-coffee goal, also with reasonable allowances for things like flights and meetings.


I booked a haircut the Friday before my brother’s wedding, only to have my trusted stylist have to cancel last minute. My options were to look like a scraggly mess due to hair loss, or to risk a chop from an unknown entity. Risking dignity, I booked an alternative appointment with a total stranger and ended up looking great! Of course I also had a massive outbreak of eczema on my scalp, torso, arms, and face. Win some, lose some.

I continue to struggle overall with getting up at my designated waking time, but historically that’s been due to failure to get enough sleep in the first place. During my really anxious high points this year, my insomnia was running me ragged and made any kind of routine impossible. As my brain health has trended upward, my body is managing more normal sleep patterns while still clinging to bag snooze habits. Things like running a capsule wardrobe project have helped get me out the door in some semblance of order…even if I still hate doing my hair.


Got a new piercing per my goal list. Love ’em!

Knocked out another credit card balance.

Did my first of two capsule wardrobe projects.

Submitted my passport re-application.

Subscribed to another news publication per goals, putting money where my mouth is.

Squeezed in an extra debt payment with the money I saved elsewhere.

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