Year of Discipline: June

“Self-respect is the root of discipline: The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.” 
― Abraham Joshua Heschel

Another month gone, another check in on goals. This was not a brilliant month, but it was a steady one and that feels like a big improvement on spring during which I felt scattered and all over the place. Jeff and I have both made it through some big work projects which had been consuming a lot of energy, and are now able to turn our attentions towards the pleasures of the summer. We’ve got a wedding coming up, a potential move to plan, and our anniversary trip to arrange. Immigration work is skipping along and for now at least, we’ve got an overabundance of vitamin D. Life’s okay.

General Motivation: A middling month, the first half I remained consumed with work but in the second I was able to start doing things I mentioned in my last update like exercise and cooking.

Health: This month was much better when it comes to food and I did finally get back into an exercise routine in the second half of June by scheduling classes at my gym and prioritizing them. I have the bonus of having a family wedding this summer to look good for, and this provided some much needed motivation to focus on. Thanks, little brother #2!

Financial: This month, we consolidated our remaining debt. It was a big change and was possible due to a generous and unsolicited offer from my dad to cosign on a plan to help us get a very good rate. This means we can drastically switch up our monthly household budget and make better progress in paying down debt by throwing the same amount of money at it for better returns. This is what left me somewhat staggered and weepy earlier in the month, and frankly just awash with gratitude.

Whew *wipes eyes* let’s press on, shall we? When it comes to personal spending, I did buy myself some beauty products this month using my personal cash budget. When my ban officially lifted on my birthday, I only had eyes for one item which I decided to get as a “Hey, you’re 33, have a present!” gift to myself. It’s a beautiful creamy sort of bronzer which doesn’t give you pigment so much as glow. It’s very extra, not at all necessary, but lovely for summer. The sheer gorgeousness of the packaging doesn’t hurt either! I also asked X to pick up a couple of items for me in the States that I’m unable to source here in the UK, and will get to pick up when I’m Stateside later this summer, and an eyeliner. I’m flirting with another unnecessary but totally lovely lipstick just for giggles. Finally I bought a pair of blue jeans, which believe it or not I didn’t have since I ripped my last pair months ago. But black jeans in summer won’t cut it, so I add that to my year long tally. I’m clearly well into ridiculous summer frivolity!

Happy birthday to me!

Grooming: A comparatively good hair month. I took the advice of some work colleagues with excellent hair and tried a couple of new drugstore products that have kept frizz at bay as the weather warms up. I still hate doing it. This month I also had to switch up my makeup for summer, but British summers being what they are, we’ve sometimes experienced what seems like all four seasons in a single week! This is not an easy country to style for some times.


Preparing for a possible move. While we still hope to find a way to stay in our current apartment, we are preparing for the possibility that a move will be necessary. This means allocating some of our reconstituted budget to savings to able to pay for any deposits or costs in cash.

I set my new 101/1001 list and used it as a great opportunity to get a few tasks done this month!

I got new glasses (finally, after seven years), deep cleaned the house, sold some items via consignment, and made sure I took vitamins daily (which helps me noticeably with period pains and mood stability).

I sold several items of clothing I don’t use but have good resale value and Jeff is also planning to sell some less-used sporting gear to make a few less things to potentially move. My closet gets more focused and lovely by the year!


3 thoughts on “Year of Discipline: June”

  1. Ha – I hear you re: the weather. It’s hard to know what to wear and adapt make-up routines when the temperature is swinging so wildly.

    Ooh, I love the packaging of that Laura Mercier bronzer. Her products are fab – I found the long-wear concealer and it’s my favourite. It stays all day and doesn’t look cakey.

    If you don’t mind me asking, which vitamin brand are you taking? I could always use a little help with period pain and general mood!

    1. Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown are great examples of brands who deliver high quality products but aren’t exactly the darlings of the Instagram/YouTube age. LM makes GREAT stuff and yes, the packaging is to die for. I might keep it once I’ve used this sucker up to see if I can repurpose other products into it, it’s that fancy.

      I use Lamberts for most of my vitamins–and I believe they are also endorsed by Caroline Hirons from a skincare, etc. perspective. Can’t stress enough that neither she nor I are doctors, so PLEASE talk to yours about anything you want to take first!

      But in the interest of sharing, I take a multivitamin, vitamin d, iron, omega oils, and evening primrose oil. The latter in particular is reputed to help with period pain/mood and while this is anecdotal, I personally feel a positive difference when I take it vs. not (especially when combined with iron). Be forewarned, some repute it to mess with the efficacy of pill based birth control (though the science is out on this one and I never experienced any issue with it at all) so do your research. I try to combat a mix of hormonal flux, fatigue, mood and general wellbeing and each of these supplements is reputed to help manage some aspect of that without conflicting with one another. But once more for anyone “listening in,” talk to your GP!

      1. I meant to reply to this ages ago but have been swamped by work and life, and I haven’t been very good at checking my wordpress notifications!

        That sounds like a good balance of supplements. I also take iron as my GP diagnosed me with low iron levels last year.

        After taking a supplement (I chose to buy ones from Solgar rather than using the NHS prescription ones which can have unpleasant side effects), it’s back up to normal levels. No more overwhelming fatigue!

        I’ve used Lamberts before and they seem like they’re good-quality. I’m glad they’re working for you.

        Hope you have a lovely weekend! 🙂

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