Year of Discipline: March AND April

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ” 
― William James

Discipline, you laugh? Quelle discipline? I’m a month behind on my accountability, and if that doesn’t tell you where I’m at in this project, nothing will.

General Motivation: Woof, mixed bag here, ducklings. I’ve had a series of breakthroughs recently when it comes to work and mental health which have been incredibly positive but I’ve also struggled mightily with trying to force myself to stay on target and track with several things. Another minor depressive bout, unhelped by uneven sleep and eating, have not made things easier. However, I must say that the first bank holiday of the year with absolutely oodles of vitamin D helped tremendously.

Health: this has not been what it should for the past couple of months due to injuring my knee in February but as the weather warms up and we have more sunlight, I’m also feeling much more energetic and less sluggish. Basically, I’m turning into a houseplant in my old age. I started exercise a bit more regularly again this month and want to keep doing that into May.

Finances: I am absolutely chuffed with progress in this area! The changes to my banking plan earlier this year have had the exact intended effect and have enabled me to budget even more effectively, which is therefore enabling us to do things like continue to pay down debt and still afford weekend trips with friends AND add an additional £200 a month to my savings fund. We’re still spending way too much on food, but that’s largely because Jeff is still winding down busy season in accountancy world which means he’s taking lunches and dinners at work, and I’m doing more travel than ever with my job which means I’m having to eat on the go. This has never been my working reality before this year and it’s been quite an adjustment to make. That should be dying down with the summer months, however, so a big goal for May is going to be to get back on the meal planning and cooking wagon. In terms of shopping, I made a list of things I wanted for summer, whittled it down to a single item, and paid for it out of my cash budget. *dusts hands in delight*

Grooming: I still hate doing my hair, but I’ve kept at it, so help me god. I also booked an appointment with a stylist whom I’ve gone to previously and like and for the first time in my adult life, prebooked my NEXT appointment for a few months down the road instead of waiting until I felt and looked like an undergroomed poodle to take action. Yes, other women have made this leap a long time ago and yes I am late to this most basic of personal maintenance. Sue me. Progress is progress. If I hate my hair this much the only solution is to turn it over to experts more often.

Other Stuff:

Planned a girl’s trip with X, which I cannot wait for!

Put some major work projects to bed.

Bought fresh flowers for the house every single week this month.

Spring cleaned our apartment.

Opened discussions with our landlord about a new lease.

3 thoughts on “Year of Discipline: March AND April”

  1. Whew! This is a LOT!!!! I think your hair looks just fine, by the way….

    Fresh flowers are a weekly must. always. Nothing else adds more easy/affordable beauty.

    My week has been…interesting. Lost/blew off my one anchor client, my first in years, when she offered me 1/4 of the previous work/income and doubled the workload. NOPE. This is the value of savings. If I absolutely have to, I’ll hit those before accepting lousy work and conditions. So, no work at all lined up for May or June. Whatevs…

    Sent my unsold book proposal to an agent who said (GNASHES TEETH) — she can’t rep it as now repping something similar.

    Of course. Now on the desk of 2 more agents….

    1. Woof, that is indeed a hell of a week.

      I agree on flowers, we pick up a bunch of tulips or daffodils every week in the spring and I want to be better about bringing green into the house year round. We’re trying to figure out if we are staying in our current apartment or needing to move this fall, but I’d strongly prefer to stay. It’s been slow going but this really feels like a place we’re turning into a home and small gestures are a big part of that.

      1. Tulips are soooooo gorgeous — and I love daffodils. I blew $23 this week at the florist for a range of purple stock (flower) and green berries and eucalyptus. Love the smells.

        Oh, I hope you stay! I love the peace and silence of your neighborhood and that Thames-side location cannot be beat!!!!! I think you have one of the nicest possible place to live in London.

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