February and March Accountability: Progress!

“Good morrow, Benedick. Why, what’s the matter,
That you have such a February face,
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?”
– William Shakespeare, Much Ado about Nothing 

Time for some radical honesty, especially since I failed to report on February. In related news, where the hell has the first quarter of a whole year gone?!


Willpower was flexed in this month, you guys, and I am proud. After my indiscretions of last month (not expensive, but the principle of the thing!), I was determined to get back on track. This proved a bit challenging because between work and travel, I had to default to convenience a lot when it came to food.

Sanctioned purchases included a new hoover for the house and continuation of our art framing project. I only picked up one personal item: a fabulous printed shirt from & Other Stories.



Another month of willpower! The only personal item I bought was a vintage jacket from the incomparable Claudia at 282 Portobello Road. I mean, it was a green schoolgirl blazer with great shoulders. I couldn’t not. I’m a loyal customer of Claudia’s and cannot recommend her enough, especially if you are in the market for traditional British gear such as tweed and vintage Barbours. Beautiful outerwear is definitely her gift! Not only is her stock all excellent quality, she never forgets a face and rewards repeat customers with wonderful deals and bespoke service–she’s on the lookout for a leopard print coat for me even though I own four jackets purchased from her already and a Burberry trench. I added this green blazer to my year long tally of purchased items without a single qualm and paid from my monthly cash allowance!


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