Weekend Links

“How did it get so late so soon?” 
― Dr. Seuss

Happy weekend, kittens! I cannot believe we are a week into December already, January will be here before any of us knows it. We remain woefully unprepared for the holidays, but are spending the weekend doing some overdue gift shopping and preparation for our travels which kick off soon. And so, straight on to the links! Let me know what you’re getting up to in the comments.

Well, the Mueller investigation dropped a series of updates this week and did so on a Friday, because that’s how we roll in 2018. Methodically and slowly–and through what appears to be very carefully coordinated public document processes–a lot of disparate threads of investigation are putting together a theory of the case. And doing so in a way that cannot be hidden under confidentiality protocols. Whatever you may think of Mr. Mueller and his team, they are incredibly good and savvy at their jobs… The more information is confirmed publicly, the worse the circumstances look for not just Mr. Trump personally, but the large and entangled web of family and associates who are responsible for protecting him. Whether due to deliberate coordination or de facto assumption of responsibility to protect their business/political interests, an awful lot of people have been untruthful over a long period of time, about the same topics and relationships–including the President. The Atlantic has a pretty good breakdown of the whole situation.

Your weekend long read about the real long term damage to the government that is occurring while we watch: understaffing, willful ignorance, and petty chaos.

Related. Literally no one is surprised.

Why is being held accountable so terrifying under patriarchy…for the dudes?

2018 wasn’t all bad.

The irony is lost on no one.

…Did we want this? I’m not sure….

Well here is a fun bit of holiday data for us to enjoy!

Meanwhile, here in Britain

Cool. What are you going to bloody do about it?

More end of year lists to enjoy; here’s one about podcasts!

Pantone has announced their color of the year for 2019.

Marvel dropped the next Avengers trailer. I am in DEEP mourning for the loss of Chris Evans’ beard.

What a strange tale of hippos and cocaine and species invasion.

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. That hippo story is amazing…the things you find!

    Canadians have a company called La Senza (possibly owned by VS) which sells great lingerie that’s just as pretty as VS and very good quality.

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