Weekend Adulting

“Cleanliness is not next to godliness. It isn’t even in the same neighborhood. No one has ever gotten a religious experience out of removing burned-on cheese from the grill of the toaster oven.” 
― Erma Bombeck

A question for you kittens, inspired by a workplace conversation this week where most of my colleagues were swapping previews of exciting weekend plans and the most exciting thing I could say I was doing was cleaning more plaster out of my carpet. Are weekends deliberately fun for you, or more purposefully productive?

I ask because here is a  by no means comprehensive list of all the terribly grown up matters I saw to this weekend:

Cleaned makeup brushes, because those things get disgusting really quickly.

Handwashed jumpers and knits.

Dry cleaned Jeff’s suits and some clothing that was smothered in plaster when part of our bedroom ceiling came down on them…wince.

Did several loads of laundry.

Changed bedding.

Watered the plants.

Cleaned the kitchen. Four times, because it’s a thankless, joyless, Sisysphean task…

Caught up on reading and podcasts.

Put away some warm weather clothing, unpacked some cooler weather clothing, reorganized and color-coded my knitwear and designated a bunch of stuff for the To Be Donated pile. Possibly the most on-brand activity I could have done, to be honest.

Replaced athletic shoes and underwear (both within the limits of my No Buy spending freeze).


Went to the gym.

Most of my life admin takes place on the weekends, whether that’s arranging holiday travel plans, cleaning our apartment after a week of neglect, or grocery shopping. Absolutely I do fun stuff as well, but as I’ve gotten older most of my fun activities have actually shifted to weekday evenings–drinks with friends, dinner dates with Jeff, and long calls with my girls in the States–while the weekends have slowly morphed into a mix of much valued quiet time and unexciting but necessary chores to keep me steady and stable.

I have friends who are amazing at keeping their life admin constantly updated in the background so that their weekends can be devoted to fun (if not outright hedonism). Others are more like me and prefer to do chores in dedicated batches.

So which are you, and why?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Adulting”

  1. I wish it were hedonism — our coming weekend (oh be so so so jealous) includes: taking in trousers for tailoring for Jose; picking up and then laying down all the winter rugs; putting away summer clothes/shoes/donating excess to Goodwill and getting winter stuff; taking all balcony planters and cushions to storage locker. Oh and probably sanding and spackling and re-sanding the many annoying cracks in the walls and then having to-repaint them all.

    Are we having FUN yet????

    OK, we did spend last weekend being utterly hedonistic at a friend’s country house: ate, slept, shopped (new rug; candles) and were generally slothful. I find it essential to get OUT of the apartment to avoid spending all our “free” time on admin and cleaning.

    1. Hilariously, our weekends sound like they had a lot of overlap, just switching out the resanding for a gaping hole in a bedroom ceiling!

  2. I cannot wait to no longer be living on a US medical student budget. As soon as I have a salary I’m going to be paying someone to doe these weekend adulting tasks for me.

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