I Can Tell I’m Getting Older Because…

“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” 
― Robert Frost

Standing on hard floors in bare feet is really uncomfortable and I now require house shoes to wander around my own space.

10pm feels late.

“Going out,” of any variety, sounds like an enormous amount of work. I still willing to put it in, mind you…but socializing now requires planning, foresight, and effort and not just whimsy.

I’ve had to google a slang phrase that I’d never heard before sometime in the last week.

Random parts of my body have started aching or feeling “off” for no readily apparent reason.

I love fashion, but I have to stop myself from harumphing the style choices of The Kids These Days (TM).

On that same note, a lot of what was once in style for me has now come around BACK into style. In some cases more than once!

I love heels. I no longer am able to spend a whole day in them.

Salads are now a reasonable choice for dinner. When did that happen?!

Younger friends talk to me about their dating shenanigans and I’m confused at the amount of apps and pop culture knowledge required to understand their stories. My sympathy, however, is undivided! The kids out there are dealing with a lot and if ever I am suddenly widowed, that’s it. I’m adopting 12 cats and calling it a day. I am not cut out for the jungle anymore!


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