Weekend Links

“We have not journeyed all this way because we are made of sugar candy.” 
― Winston S. Churchill

What an absolute rollercoaster of a week, kittens. I’ve got some very exciting things in the pipeline, work I’m genuinely thrilled about, but the truth is I’m having to burn the candle at both ends to get set up for it. I’m not feeling 100% and the news has been pretty grim this week on most counts. Here, have a bunch of links, only a few of which are about political, to get you through this weekend.

Damn you, poverty!

Damn you, poverty, twice!

This is not ******* normal. Here is a more coherent take on Monday’s news.

The best people. Because of course he did. The reporting this week on this front has been wild.

Another example of how key people and statements in this whole mess are fundamentally untrustworthy. The Trump family line reads like the narcissist’s prayer: I didn’t do it. If I did do it, it wasn’t wrong. If it’s wrong, it’s not my fault.

The nominal reason for disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House this week was players kneeling for the national anthem…which none of them participated in during the past season. This White House statement on the occasion reads both pettily and oddly. I realized eventually that it’s the use of the words “their president” in relation to the that was so jarring to me, which is usually referred to as “the president.” I’m on record as being a fairly patriotic person who simultaneously deeply dislikes “performed” patriotism. This step of enforced performance linked to the person of the president (as opposed to the office) feels deeply weird and gross.

Jeff and I (morbidly) speculate about this a lot…

The next time anyone asks me about having kids, I’m just forwarding them this link.

Tragic news in the fashion world this week. The Fug Girls wrote a lovely piece on her place in fashion and what wearing her pieces felt like to so many women who bought them.

Tragic news in the food world too! Have a read of the piece that put him on the map here. This piece from The Cut is fitting tribute. Remember how we were hoping for 2018 to be less awful than 2017 and it keeps being worse?

The War of 1812 rears its head once more. Will we never be free of that nightmare…she muttered sarcastically.

Rosewave for life!

The notebooks of Bill Cunningham are on display, please someone from New York go see this and report back.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. A friend of ours is working on a Cunningham project…

    “The Trump family line reads like the narcissist’s prayer: I didn’t do it. If I did do it, it wasn’t wrong. If it’s wrong, it’s not my fault”


    1. Ooooh, waiting with bated breath to hear more!

      Have you seen the full prayer anywhere? Literally a revelation to me about certain people when I first read it.

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