Weekend Links

“The more wonderful the means of communication, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seemed to be.” 
― Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Season Two of the Trump Show kicked off this week! Will he pick a fight with Pakistan? Will he get in a metaphorical **** measuring competition with a global leader via nuclear warfare and the various buttons associated thereto? Will he deride climate change just before a weather pattern classified as a “bomb cyclone” (because even the weather is being extra now) hits the East Coast? Will a scandalous exposé drop, written by a questionable author, about a questionably honest man, featuring questionably honest sources? Will his former arch rival’s house catch fire?

Plot twist! The answer to all of these questions is yes!

Buckle up, we’ve got 51 weeks still to go!

I really liked this piece from Medium on how one millenial guy took steps to combat the oft-cited malaise many my age report experiencing. His ending on euthymia really touched something for me.

This list of little pleasures to seek in 2018 was nice to read.

This technology news seems…super not great?

The Trump-breaks-with-Bannon-or-maybe-vice-versa news moved quick, as did Mr. Trump’s lawyers. They went after the publisher as well. The publisher subsequently (ie, a few hours later) decided to release the book early due to skyrocketing demands.



“I am the picture of Dorian Kardashian,” writes R. Eric Thomas satirically, channeling us all in this strange pop-culture-political moment. I laugh cried reading this.

I am VERY here for the throwback vibe of the latest Bruno Mars and Cardi B!

More reasons to get excited about Black Panther, team.

Why women don’t speak up, part seven million. Here’s her verified GoFundMe campaign, if you are so inclined.

Color me enraged but not shocked to read that a female politician may be too flagrantly ambitious or openly want the job…to have the job…? God damn it, people, we just did this!

I’m on Team Remnick here. It was an open secret that Harvey Weinstein was trash, it’s an equally open secret that Mr. Trump is unfit for the office. We may bicker about the technicalities of that unfitness…but that to me only reinforces just HOW unfit he is that there are OPTIONS to choose from.

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