Weekend Links: Good Tidings Edition

“Mistletoe,” said Luna dreamily, pointing at a large clump of white berries placed almost over Harry’s head. He jumped out from under it. 
“Good thinking,” said Luna seriously. “It’s often infested with nargles.” 
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Kittens, I don’t know about you but I hit a wall in early December. This has been an overwhelmingly positive year (especially compared to last), but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t had its challenges and rough points. My batteries are a bit drained.

As happy as I am for the holidays, I’ve had a bit of trouble mustering the Christmas spirit. The placement of the holidays this year doesn’t help either, as both Christmas and New Year fall on Mondays meaning that syncing up work weeks, time off requests, and To Do lists was a bit more complex than usual. And of course, I’m dreadful at switching off which doesn’t help the batteries metaphor.

But I’m now officially on holiday and plotting our Christmas week. Our shopping is finally done, most of our parties and events are behind us, our tree is trimmed, and I’m plotting on pie making. The elf-like gleam is creeping back into my eye.

You’ll get a couple more posts from me before the end of the year, but in the meantime, let me wish you a joyous holiday season, kittens. I’m very glad you’re along for the ride.

giphy (17)


Hi, I’m C., and I’m a glutton for “stop shopping” stories. Probably because I’m approaching my third annual 3-month shopping hiatus and have given myself some pretty lofty anti-consumerism goals for 2018…

This week I learned that in the 1920s, Utah proposed a bill that would ban women’s shoes with heels higher than one and a half inches and could impose fines for those who wore such scandalous footwear. Utah would have made millions off of me had it the good sense to have homed me 90 years earlier. Missed opportunity, space-time continuum!

I’m also always a reliable sucker for a, “Oh hey, we unearthed a priceless treasure that someone literally forgot or just left lying around somewhere,” story.

Bugs Bunny’s creator has passed away.

Well hey, take all my feelings.

Want to go dark, at least for web browsing? Wired has the details.


I laughed, but I also cried a bit, because 2017 is so wild that no one is talking about the UFOs, guys.

Well, hon, if you bungle your PR so badly that your company has to issue a statement clarifying that it doesn’t support Nazis… This whole situation has made me angry, both as a citizen and as a military brat. Kneeling was never about the military.

The engagement photos of Prince Harry and Ms. Markle are gorgeous. Thank god we get a nice wedding to look forward to.

Album of the week: Late Bloomer, by Malia

4 thoughts on “Weekend Links: Good Tidings Edition”

  1. Fun picks!

    The no-shopping thing has to become an ingrained habit (like hair brushing or face washing) so that actually buying stuff beyond groceries feels weird — and not the opposite. I very rarely shop and stay out of stores and malls and on-line because they are filled with temptations!

    Having said that, I did buy a pair of boots and a GREAT pair (on sale) of leopard print loafers in Toronto this week.

    Have a fantastic holiday!!

    1. I ripped a pair of jeans (the most comfortable thing in the world, and a pair I found in a sale bin for $8!) so had to buy a new pair but other than that, I’ve been alarmingly good…except for my Christmas present! 😉

      We got your Christmas card, by the way, than you so much for thinking of us! Happy holidays!

      1. Of course! Ironically, I’m in Toronto this week dogsitting for friends now catsitting in…London. They have sunshine and we just got a lot of snow! So it’s Canadian aerobics — i.e. shoveling. 🙂

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