Weekend Links

“It makes be utterly bonkers to remember how much everyone hated Mitt Romney.”
– Best Friend X. (editor’s note, I’m one of those who did not like him…and desperately want him and his ilk back)

Okay (cracks knuckles)!

So on Saturday the New York Times broke a story that the President’s son took a meeting he should not have. A series of explanations seem to have been floated until on Tuesday the President’s son simply tweeted the emails that led up to the meeting–apparently trying to preempt the reporter who apparently worked on the story for a year, after months of denial but whatever.

Said emails indicated, rather bluntly, that Don Jr. was invited to take a meeting to learn compromising information about Secretary Clinton or her campaign that was gathered by the Russian state, and was being offered because Mr. Trump was the preferred candidate of said state. Jr.’s best defense at the moment seems to be that the nature of the meeting had been misrepresented to him and the purpose turned out to be discussion issues around international adoption (code word for sanctions). In other words, he tried to collude with a foreign power, but didn’t manage to actually pull it off. TUESDAY. I’m writing this the day of to document the emotional journey I assuming I’ll go on this week, because at this moment, I’m not at all convinced anyone will bear any responsibility for any actions as a result of this. That’s just how 2017 seems to be rolling thus far.

By Friday and into late Saturday, it was revealed that yet more interesting people were at this meeting (some of whom now work in the administration and failed to disclose this meeting–among others–when being vetted), and that Republicans best response to this whole latest fiasco could best be described with a shrug emoji. After spending months denying meetings took place, they switched to denying collusion took place as there was no evidence of intent and now, faced with evidence of intent…crickets.

Ugh. Here are your links, some funny, some serious, but all designed to get you through this latest round of political BS.


Follow up: super not great.

Humans are fantastic.

Conflicted about this.

Not conflicted in the slightest about this! Woohoo!

Oh, bless. You’re in for a world of hurt.

Good on ya, Scotland!

Black Panther!

Supporting NPR doesn’t just mean contributing to your local station (though you should totally do that too).

Beam me up, Scotty.

Thank you, Queen! All the blessings!

Nantucket reds, forever.

Album of the week: Mura Masa, by Mura Masa

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