Weekend Links

“In our gardens the fruits are fast reaching perfection; all esculent plants are in full use; the rich juicy black currant is ripe, and the gooseberries are full almost to bursting. Ripe strawberries nestle under every leaf…. Now is the season for bathing, whether in river or ocean. How delicious is a plunge in this thirsty weather!”
 – Eliza Cook’s Journal, 1850 July 6th

Kittens, we’ve made it halfway through 2017, rejoice! We’re having a fairly sedate time at home this weekend getting the house in order and possibly hitting up a few markets if we work up the energy to leave the flat after deep cleaning it. Only time will tell. American minions, enjoy the long weekend and UK minions, let’s hold hands and remember that August Bank Holiday is just around the corner!


The American President managed to derail press coverage on one of his signature pieces of legislative action by being a creepy old misogynist. Again. And of course no one is doing anything about it.

I for one, am super over his obsession with women and our hemoglobin.

These ladies, however, are speaking up.

Geez, guys, sliding into Atwood’s world of speculative fiction wouldn’t even be hard…how’s that for the icy hand of terror?

I expect every child of PBS and every Trekkie to do their god damned duty and subscribe!

If you need a dose of goodness and self-love, let me direct you to this video of Lizzo in concert. A couple of months old, still perfect.

This dog brings me joy.

Tom and Lorenzo did a pineapple edit for summer, and we must all thank them.

I’ve been promising myself new glasses for months. Help me choose!

Album of the Week: TLC (Deluxe), by TLC

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