Five Things I Loved in December

How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?
-Dr. Seuss

Time for a round up of a few of the things that sparked some joy this month. What books, blogs, beauty, or other good things got you through, dumplings?

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Grunt, by Mary Roach. I read this book in two sittings and enjoyed it tremendously. As a military brat I grew up in the military support system and can speak to a lot of the services that have been put in place to provide for servicemen and women and their families, but this was an investigative work into the science that keeps troops alive and healthy, or tries to put them back together again once damage has been done. A nice alternative to the science of weaponry or other more stereotypical topics you see in military writing.



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Spritzer, by Bite Beauty. For some reason, and totally in violation of holiday expectations, I’ve been reaching for purple lipsticks this month and slathering them liberally. In fact a quick review of my Instagram feed confirms that it’s been all lavender and eggplant up in this joint for weeks now. This is a vivid pastel (yes, that’s a thing) with fantastic coverage in spite of its light hue. It’s what the Sugarplum Fairy would wear, were she a consummate urbanite–a ballet concept I’d be intensely interested in, by the way.


Image via Bon Iver site
Image via Bon Iver site

22, A Million, by Bon Iver. A gorgeous, unusual album that finally got me to listen to something besides Solange’s Seat at the Table. You can enjoy the equally odd visuals that go along with the record by watching the whole thing on YouTube, go forth and enjoy!


Image via
Image via

Six Wives with Lucy Worsley, by the BBC. Sometimes you just need a good historical documentary, am I right? This one is not without its flaws, but as my academic girl crush is none other than Dr. Worsley herself, I will brook no argument. Except that some of the costumes are lacking…sorry. All I’m saying is that Anne Boleyn got shafted in the headgear more than once–bias leaking into production, I wonder?



Season 4 of Call the Midwife, Netflix. This is a much underrated series in my opinion, but it uses a combination fiction and history to cover a lot of topics that are just as relevant in 2016 as they were the 1950s post-war Britain that the show is set in. Immigration, sexuality, family, politics, the positives and costs of social welfare–and all through a decidedly female lens and perspective. Season 4 was recently added and is worth a watch.

11 thoughts on “Five Things I Loved in December”

  1. still need to see the lucy worsley miniseries! have heard mixed reviews but everyone seems to think it’s worth watching, if only for the KoA episode. buuuuut i have a fairly hard time getting too distraught over AB being underrepresented since let’s be real here, she is COLOSSALLY overrepresented in 99% of tudor shows/movies/books.

    here’s to 2017 balancing out the general ugh-ness of 2016…!

    1. Mixed reviews from me as well, but I still gulped it up in comfy enjoyment. The two can simultaneously exist. And, as discussed at length, I’m probably reading too much into it, but AB’s headgear is highly underwhelming…suspiciously so. Deliciously, suspiciously so.

      1. no, everyone i’ve talked to about said the same thing re: AB. and people said JS and KP didn’t get a ton of time either, and that in general the whole thing should’ve been six episodes or at least four in order to present a fuller picture instead of more of an intro. but everyone says it’s really fun, KoA’s part is great, and the traditional KH narrative is explicitly countered, so since you know i’m really here for the KoA and KH life, sign me up.

        (and i ADORE that they cast an incredible gorgeous actress as AoC. LOVE it.)

        (also welcome home??? i think???)

      2. Your K’s are properly taken care of. And I’m VERY happy to report that AoC is a savvy negotiator and survivor in all the most pleasing ways. WINS ALL AROUND.

      1. I mainly listen to podcasts (This American Life, The Moth and Ask Me Another are a few of my favourites). But when I want a change from podcasts, I like all sorts of music. Einaudi, The Civil Wars, Sarah Jarosz, Yasmin Levy, Manu Chao, Radio Tarifa…

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