Weekend Links

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ”
― Pericles

Hi, ducklings! I’m just back from a week abroad and somewhat behind, but still we have some links for you–heavy on the political spectrum, you understand. We were only gone a week, but that’s like six months in 2016-years–meaning a lot happened that we need to catch up on properly before I feel able to comment intelligently on it all. While I’m coming down from the vacation high and trying to edit photos as fast as I can, enjoy the batch this week and add to it in the comments.

A PSA note to American kittens: vote how you please, but PLEASE VOTE. Let’s reconvene next week to chat about the whole shebang, shall we? Doubtless, whatever happens, there will be much to speak about.

It was practically summer in Barcelona. Back here in reality, it’s cold and politically hostile. I’m already missing the palm trees.

This American Life did a series of shows on the election, state of the union, and state of the media that I found deeply impactful, but episode 600 was the most so by far.


Hey look, a piece about the appearance of political candidates that’s not just not-awful, but is actively insightful!

The nose knows.


How we got here.

And my general summed up opinion. Shock surprise, for you all, I know.


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