Weekend Links

“Who I am on stage is very, very different to who I am in real life.”

A lovely weekend capped with a Beyonce concert. Kittens, I am content will the world and all her denizens and not even the Sunday night blues can get me down.

Meanwhile I’m being a good little blogger and uploading/editing photos from all our recent escapades so my long-standing blog hiatus (or, shameful kitten neglect, depending on your point of view) will soon be over. Here are your links, tell me what you got up to this weekend!

2016-07-02 20.35.54
Bow. Down.


Love them or hate them, they are good at marketing.

Who’s coming with me?!

No,YOU’RE crying.

The Toast has shut its doors (poor one out for the gal homies), but man did it go out with a bang.

And speaking of milestones, The Devil Wears Prada turned 10 this week. That’s all.

I loved this tribute to Bill Cunningham.

Preordering this

An interesting piece on how the “brand” of Britain might be affectd by leaving the EU–the focus is on the fashion industry, but I think it has implications across multiple industries.

And finally, both Jeff and I have been doing some very conscious “investment” shopping for both our wardrobes of late and I found this post on the always reliably hilarious Man Repeller a useful way to think about the trade offs we all must make in allocating our spend. I too have been a member of the mental trickery club in the past; we all have.

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