How I Spent My Christmas/New Year’s Vacation

“Nothing ever happens in the country.”
– The Moving Finger, Agatha Christie 

Yeah, yeah, it’s nearly June. But as we just returned to the manor for a kick off to summer, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share these photos rediscovered in the depths of my dropbox to give you the sense of both seasons in Rutland at its finest.

We spent the New Year at a friend’s country house with food, games, and inter-war music records in front of fires. Dogs abounded, a carousel of interesting people came and went, long walks were taken. Basically we stepped straight back into the 1930s and were sad to be obliged to resurface when it was over.

 photo wing1_zpsnctfe4wv.jpg

 photo wing7_zpsvf3xvhx5.jpg

 photo wing10_zps1kdzzl9i.jpg

 photo wing2_zpsvxniildd.jpg

 photo wing3_zpsv3qatvwu.jpg

 photo wing4_zpskz4y5syu.jpg

 photo wing8_zpsqscew0kk.jpg

 photo wing5_zpsxvz9utnq.jpg

 photo wing6_zpsluctq6po.jpg

 photo wing9_zpsvpumo79c.jpg

 photo wing11_zpsvx1hgplq.jpg

 photo wing12_zpsq2aodsru.jpg

7 thoughts on “How I Spent My Christmas/New Year’s Vacation”

    1. True story about how I seriously considered stealing that thing and smuggling it home in my bag…it was beyond adorable.

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