Weekend Links

“I like to reinvent myself — it’s part of my job.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

Hi piglets. You have not been ignored, unloved, and neglected. Well, two out of three (never unloved), and for that apologies but I had a good excuse: I got promoted two weeks ago and had to spend the majority of my first weekend on the new job working. As a result links and posts are behind the times, but I think you’ll forgive me, yes? The new job is largely an extension of my old but contains new responsibilities and powers which are equal parts exciting and scary. I’m still learning the ins and out of it but I’m really enjoying the progress. Of course, it’s also brought some new challenges, some of them big, that I now have a part in trying to solve–no pressure.

However, like so many aspects of life in the last year and a half, my work has kind of taken over most of my other projects and priorities so on Friday Jeff and I both took a holiday (our first of the new year, yikes) and just spent the day together wandering, talking, and just generally hanging out. Yesterday he golfed while I shopped and caught up with X., my New York based best friend who we are staying with when we go visit (in a matter of weeks!). She has just launched the new Charlie Rose website–go check it out immediately, she did an amazing job–and so we had a lot of career and life talk to catch up on.

The rest of the weekend will be spent in much the same way, with city wandering and Skype dates. The weather is, for now at least, cooperating. Tell me what you’re getting up to this weekend and enjoy your links!

Preview of coming attractions.
Preview of coming attractions.


Need a phone case upgrade?

The biggest picture ever taken.

A fascinating read on the complex issues surrounding mental health, priesthood celibacy, and vocation.

Such a strange…is this a scandal?

Outlander is back and the costumes look incredible, and incredibly fun to have made.

Anyone job hunting?

Looking forward to this film tremendously!

Great read on adulthood over at The Atlantic.

History and hygiene. You can still see old bathhouses or signs for them scattered throughout London for much of the same period of history. In fact, huge sections of London didn’t have toilet facilities until well into the 20th century, and then in many places it was communal and shared by several houses, flats, or families. Eek.

Oh yes, I am going to this exhibit.

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. You had me at this quote! “I like to reinvent myself — it’s part of my job.”
    ― Karl Lagerfeld Lovely to meet you. I happened upon your blog and am looking forward to checking more of it out. Be well, Koko 🙂

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