Weekend Links

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent

Saturday was gray and grim but today has been a bright, sunny, tantalizing tease of the spring that is still quite a ways off in these northern climes. Britain, why do you have to play with me this way?

No matter, ducklings, for tonight is the Oscars (meaning you can expect our annual gown smackdown shortly) and Jeff has been seized by one of his I-found-this-recipe-on-the-internet-and-my-life-will-be-incomplete-until-I-make-it-for-myself manias. As I benefit significantly from both these occasions, I’m nicely content. Other weekend highlights include a trip to John Lewis for home goods (like grownups!) and grocery shopping. Clearly high times at SDS HQ.

2016-02-21 15.22.42

I need this game.

Surprising read about two reality TV star villains and the perils of believing your own publicity.

Would you like to hear a poem from the 16 century in original pronunciation? Of course you would, ducklings, it’s why we are friends!

Humans, you’ve done it again. Literally.

True story, if ever I do a masters in gallery/museum studies (one of my many, many life plans), my thesis will surround the portrayal of POC in British art and the historical record because they are present and it is fascinating to learn how much. From burials of men of North African descent dating from the crusades found in the north of England, to Elizabethan laws on how many people of African descent could live in London at any given time, to incredible depictions of multi-ethnic crowds from the 18th century, Britain has always been diverse and people have always had thoughts about it. We’re still arguing about immigration for heaven’s sake. More recently on the subject, this post on this awesome tumblr shuts haters down.

I’d live in a Gorey drawing. Life would be unfailingly interesting!

In Mormon news this week, a thought provoking article over at Religion & Politics about churches with specific anti-LGBT policies, histories, and practices grappling with a changing U.S., first world, and global south cultural shifts.

Minus the bug situation, this pretty sums up my marriage.

I have been singing this song (darkly, to myself in a corner) for months now. In my opinion, whether he’s serious or a fearfully concocted and elaborate joke, Donald Trump is exactly the outcome the irrational faction of the right should have expected and anticipated. They have specifically worked to engineer a political and media environment where a dubious businessman and bleeding reality TV character is being taken seriously as a candidate for the highest office in the land.

In more perky news, a great interview with national treasure Simon Doonan.

And somewhere in the middle, an honest essay from woman who found herself unexpectedly pregnant and unsure how she is supposed to feel about it. Privileged perspective? Yep. First world-y? Sure. Still worth reading? Absolutely.

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