Weekend Links

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

It was an odd weekend where we’ve been glued to the news except for a brief interlude to celebrate Jeff’s 30th birthday. It was good to spend some time just focusing on being together. The world we live in is messy but there is much to be thankful for and far, far more reasons to hope than not. That quote above is something I believe firmly and fiercely. Here are your links, kittens, and let me know the bright sparks you’ve found or held on to this weekend.

Dinosaur news!

Caitlin Moran’s pre-posthumous letter to her daughter has some pretty good advice.

Not. Okay.

A sad story, but amazing that we have a record of this woman from this time in a minority group.

As we are scrimping until Christmas, I pinned a bunch of recipes from this. Because we will never give up brunch.

This Instagram account had me in stitches!

I got 1370. Meaning A.D.

For the sleep deprived amongst you.

I can’t even imagine

Bill Blass is back. Thoughts?

Finally, most importantly, Peace for Paris.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

  1. my appropriate buzzfeed results:

    “You got: 1550s. Whether avoiding execution under Queen Mary I’s (aka Bloody Mary) reign or the spread of influenza, you obviously would’ve looked hot AF while doing so. You have the kind of personality that’s attracted to luxury and opulence. You’re not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to personal style.”

    1. Yeah…I didn’t see his aesthetic here at all…

      My mother’s signature sent was Bill Blass growing up and this doesn’t match my memory of it, which is doubly jarring for some reason.

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