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“If change doesn’t hurt a little, it’s not change. You have to go beyond where you’re comfortable, or you’re not progressing.”
― Aliza Licht, Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

This week I hired an assistant for my department, which is odd because it’s only been 11 months since I joined my company. But with my manager’s appropriately and necessary quick departure to support her family, I simply needed help and I’m grateful my bosses allowed and helped me to jump on that need so quickly. Now I get to learn how to people manage. Quickly. Eeps.

2015-09-18 12.59.04-1

Not only is this the headline of the week…I also think it may be a metaphor for certain aspects of American culture.

That last link was added to the role call before the most recent shooting tragedy. How many more times is the president (now and future) going to have to give this speech? And for a brief spark of good news in the midst of bad, this guy.

Dive in!

Because who can resist clickbait?


It’s the witching season, and I love podcasts, so here’s a link appropriate to both those facts. Seriously, I almost never listen to music, something that causes Jeff some grief.

Found this piece on age, memory and invention touching.


Great link about an age when fashion was female dominated (because fun fact, most of the major couturiers are male…but twas not always so).

An ode to the black turtleneck. Because in addition to witching season, it’s sweater weather.

The latest 100 Years of… video from Mode is perfectly lovely.

I’ve been thinking more about self-care recently and how I can do better about it. It’s something I’m historically bad at, but I think I’ve learned a lot about stress management this past year in particular and they have been good lessons to learn.

One thought on “Weekend Links”

  1. Manager! Oooooooh. 🙂 Good luck. Be specific, clear, praise in public, criticize in private. Lists are good so you both have a paper trail….we all mishear or forget stuff. Congrats!!

    LOVE that Hokusai dress. OMG.

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