Weekend Links

“Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. Go forth! You have my blessing.”
― Florence Welch

Summer has slid right into fall this past week with a temperature drop and some falling nuts and leaves. Excellent. Time to break out the boots. Whilst I’m doing that and finishing up some freelance work, here’s an extra special edition of links, rounding up the best and weirdest of the internet from while I’ve been out of commission. Enjoy and let me know what you’re getting up to this weekend.

This dame has it together.

Coffee art.


Another dame who has it together.

To read.

Oddly soothing?

All minions are ordered to begin dropping these into casual conversation immediately.

HERE FOR THIS. “The big wink is that there is no big wink.”

Wimbledon fashion through the years.

Speaking of fashion, an area in which I desperately need some help.

New life stress goal: be the owl.

Want to read about the Royal corgis? I thought so!

As we’ve been doing a lot of travelling, this is relevant.

Could you? Would you?

Don’t mind me…someone cut some onions in here or something

Models. They aren’t like us.

Damn it, Hitler!

Who doesn’t love some bad fiction?

Suck it, haters.

It’s hard to explain how much militant, conspiracy theorist Americans dismay and frighten me. Someday, I honestly feel some of them are going to do incredible damage, and I’m more afraid that no one will take sufficient notice of them until something horrible happens.


The “hot mess” false stereotype has got to go.

For the title alone, this must be read.

Linked by virtue of the correctional statement at the bottom alone.

Fan Bing Bing is a glorious person to follow if you are at all interested in fashion–Go Fug Yourself has a nice summer round up of her looks that will get you through a rainy day (of where there have been a few lately, LONDON.).

Nellie. Bly. Forever.

Music that sticks. And why.

A few months old, but a solid read.

Millennials in the workforce, meaning that some geezers might want to stop wringing their hands at the state of the young people today. We’re working (and plenty of studies show we’re working damn hard).

Headline of the week.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links”

    1. I confess I have had a plethora the “I walked to miles to school, in the snow, uphill both ways” vintage of elders in my life.

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