Friday Links

“Our labour preserves us from three great evils — weariness, vice, and want.”
― Voltaire, Candide

In the office until 9:30pm last night because I had to take a day off today due to builders being in the flat replacing all the doors and windows. Props to them for getting a big job done in 8 hours…most of which I had to stand outside in the cold, bundled up, and watching a neighbor’s dog who had simply been left behind as his owners didn’t seem to realise that replacing doors means…there are no doors to keep your dog in with. I’m terribly cranky.

NPR’s Monkey See blog dives into the varied (and occasionally gruesome) history of the tale of Cinderella, in all her cultural formats.

The hours I’m pulling, this is necessary reading.

And speaking of NPR, three cheers for public programming!

I want to go to there.

I might be afraid of this app

Bifurcated girls. Oh my!

If the corgis can’t predict this, nothing can.

This week’s post on women, gender issues, and religion is equally horrible and strengthening.


So…this is my neighborhood. No biggie, just unexploded WWII bombs.

And the follow up.

Instagram find of the week.

Paternity leave for the win.

I’ve clearly got spring on the brain because I want this dress. Also a vacation to wear it on.

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