Friday Links

“Live long and prosper.”
– Vulcan salute

All of last week? Yeah…it kind of got more hectic this week. Here are your links, I’m in need of pizza.

Speaking from experience, this is mostly dead wrong.

I know need to read more diversely than I currently do, so I found this piece interesting.

Relevant to my nerd interests.

The roots of the paperback.

Banksy strikes again.

New York, New York?

Religion and its cross section between gender and sexuality issues is sort of a topic of interest around here, so I found this article quite interesting. Admittedly anecdotal, but there might be some lessons to be learned here for a lot of people.

Thoughts on Bitcoin, anybody?

State your personal interaction policy for the record, please.

Striking image of an interesting and rare condition. Accompanying story quite interesting as well!

Truly the debate of our times.

Goodbye, Mr. Spock.

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