Friday Links (My Checklist is Insane Edition)

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.” 
― Leonard Bernstein

This week I have:

  • Helped spearhead an intense company recommendation. I’ve spent days on this phase (months on the total) and am currently unsure if it will even go out on schedule…
  • Scheduled a full quarter of freelance tasks for a 4 person team
  • Stress-baked on two separate occasions
  • Written and re-written a budget proposal until my eyes crossed
  •  Had a proposed year long timeframe for a major project get shortened down to just a few months and had to come up with a near immediate solution
  • Coordinated some political last minute advertising opportunities
  • Began coordinating a major launch for later this year

I’m tired. Here are your links, tell me what you’re getting up to in the comments!

First lines worth noting.

Oh, Tatler

We are at that obnoxious time of year where it’s freezing cold and wet (it actually snowed briefly on my way from from an event the other night!) but the shops are all displaying shorts and silky tops and festival-wear. That being said, this dress is flirting with me shamelessly.

Words fail me.

Taming of the Shrew, apparently. Which I have opinions about, though Jeff laughed for a solid five minutes about it.


Opinion piece on the NHS vs. American health care. I admit to sharing the conclusion.

At the risk of getting too personal, I am never moving back to Utah.

Horrible cover image, relevant story on women in Silicon Valley.

There is a whole design team now just ten feet away from my desk…and yet the idea of decorating seems as unreachable as Mars to me. I don’t have the touch, which is why at nearly 30, we’re still living largely on IKEA furniture. This round up of house tours on The Everygirl isn’t helping matters by intimidating me as much as I find some people’s knack delightful.


3 thoughts on “Friday Links (My Checklist is Insane Edition)”

  1. Sounds like your week was hectic! Stress-baking is great, isn’t it? It works! 😀 What did you bake? I made tea loaf last week. It’s quick to make and so tasty.

    My week was pretty busy too, full of form-filling for grad school. I have been officially accepted (yay! 🙂 ), but now I have to wait to see whether my funding application is granted. There is only one fully-funded place available and it’s competitive. Fingers crossed!

    I always enjoy looking at your eclectic link collection. That Utah ‘inappropriate’ prom dress one is infuriating though. Inappropriate, really?!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Tea loaf! How intriguiging! Do you have a recipe? I mostly stick to cookies though stress (and occasionally rage) baking has been known to produce everything from banana bread to quiches.

      CONGRATULATIONS, that’s amazing news! All the good luck wishes with the next step, let me know how it goes!

      Happy weekend back!

      1. I used Ruby Tandoh’s recipe in The Guardian (here’s a link), although there are a ton of recipes out there. Tea loaf/tea bread is a traditional British thing and many places have variations of it: barmbrack in Ireland, brack in Yorkshire, bara brith in Wales….

        Thank you! I have to wait until April before I hear about the funding, but I’ll have plenty of work to keep me busy and distracted. 🙂

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