Friday Links (It’s Definitely Not Friday, Edition)

“Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.”
― Gustave Flaubert

This week I edited a major property development sales brochure, organized a last minute PR and media strategy and launch, dealt with a breach of said strategy that appears to be a rather hamfisted attempt of an external team on the project to jump the gun, organized two major sales events taking place next week, developed project budgets that are several tens of times what I make in a year, and generally averaged about 16 work hours a day. So…let’s pretend it’s Friday and this is on time alright? Thanks, dears.

It’s been a rough first month of the year work-wise. Not in terms of the kind of work I’m doing–I consider myself the luckiest of lucky ducks to able to work on the projects I am and with the people that I do. Not only am I doing interesting and fun work, but it’s the kind I enjoy and want keep building experience in. But moving forward it’s clear I need to insist on balance and guard my free time and weekends much better than I currently do. I learned last year that it’s possible to literally work yourself sick and I have no desire to repeat that experience!

A history of the Lifetime Original Movie. Seriously.

I love every single thing about this story.

Interesting story about a great medical/cosmetic treatment that I never even thought of but, honestly, what a good idea!

Excellent and needed follow up to that 100 years of beauty vid that made the rounds late last year, here’s 100 year of Black beauty trends!

Yep. (Weeps silently to herself.)

Interested in reconstituted Babylonian song and poetry? Of course you are, ducklings!

These chairs. They distress me.

The captioned adventures of George Washington can move over, Napoleon has arrived.

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