Friday Links

“The most poetical thing in the world is not being sick.”
― G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday

I did it again, kittens. I worked myself sick with too many projects, not enough rest. But in my defense, I’ve been working on some really spectacular assignments–including attending an event put on by Ralph Lauren and Sotheby’s. Life is a funny thing. However I’m paying for it, my nose is clogged and my throat is scratchy and sore. Worth it.

Here are your links, a bit truncated but again I plead Ralph Lauren–and, no I will no get tired for that excuse. Share anything else worth reading in the comments!

There needs to be more real talk about women’s reproductive health, abilities, and the physical costs related thereto–as someone from the fabulous comment community on XOVain commented on this post, the stuff you see in pop  culture (five minutes of shouting and straining before walking out of the hospital with an “infant” that’s clearly a year old in your arms and size two jeans) isn’t going to cut it. Semi-related, the comment section a Vain is honestly one of the best I’ve found in all my years online and is well worth a look-in any day of the week.

For when you are unable to even.

Beautiful lines from literature.

Gender violence is so insidious precisely because that same violence is often immediately spread to encompass those who try and stand up to it. This woman did a brave thing and was killed for it. Though it’s a disheartening story, I also appreciated the links within it to other stories, especially of men, who have also been targeted for standing up on behalf of women.

Shameless self-promotion, my London City Guide is up at The Collaboreat. Come visit, I’ll show you the town!

I’ll be rocking out (or swaying melodically, or dancing awkwardly) to this all weekend.

Can shopping more (or at least better) improve your business? This guy thinks so. Let’s discuss further in the comments.

My pal Stephanie Lauritzen knocks it out of the park, as per usual.

One thought on “Friday Links”

  1. (Just catching up to this post.)

    I had other comments to leave, I’m sure, but Renaissance baby #29 just made me laugh so hard, I nearly dropped my laptop. That’s your six-second report. Cheers!

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