Unexpected Falconry

“A goose flies by a chart the Royal Geographic Society could not improve.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Since work calls and my email list is truly daunting, you get what the internet loves of a busy Monday morning: animals.

So, as we’ve been recounting, a few weeks ago, itching to get out of the city for the first time since March, we hopped on a train up to my family’s old stomping grounds of Cambridge. We had a whole day of unexpected pleasant surprising, capping off with stumbling upon a fair on our way back to the station in the late afternoon. Alongside the usual food and festivities were a few tents or entertainments out of the ordinary.

 photo falcon1_zpse51d5d21.jpg

You don’t run into this sort of thing everyday.

 photo falcon2_zps74e868a2.jpg

There were at least half a dozen birds of prey that could be viewed and even handled under careful supervision. Several owls and hawks were available and they were all striking!

 photo falcon3_zps5d6162cc.jpg

Falconry has a long history in Britain, in fact the ruin of a royal hunting lodge is just up the street…

 photo falcon4_zps377edd01.jpg

I’m sorry, was I saying something? Because I think my brain shorted out a bit at the cuteness…

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