Historical Headdesk

“Everyone loves a conspiracy.”
―Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

I was volunteering in a museum over the weekend when a visitor couple asked for some information about other sites of historical interest nearby. I started rattling off good spots and historic homes nearby and recommended Dr. Johnson’s house.
“Who was he?” the very nice lady asked.
“Writer and creator of the first notable dictionary in the English language. He and several of his associates were some of the great literati of the 18th century.”

They gave me a funny look but said thank you and walked off.

Which is when my brain caught up with my mouth to realize that while I certainly had intended to say “literati,” what came out was in fact, “Illuminati.”

No idea where it came from (unless it was implanted in my brain by lizard people/aliens/subversive entities of another ilk entirely). Well done, C., you have officially contributed to the problem that brought us Dan Brown and National Treasure.



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