Emails With Friends: Revolution and the Humblebrag

When you’re both cultural heritage employees and history types.

“Patrick Henry’s birthday is may 29…I am so bummed that I missed out on sharing a bday with the loudest, most out-of-control founding father by a mere TWO DAYS.”

“Have I ever casually mentioned that my family’s 40 acres contains the pathway that PH walked daily to get to his first law job…incidently located in the town where my parents now live? Which he was eventually elected to represent in the Virginia House of Burgesses at the start of his political career? Never? Not even casually? If so, a lapse on my part.”
– Katarina and C.

We need to talk about the spectacles atop his head in this etching. It’s either absent minded or avant garde for the times. I lean toward the latter.



3 thoughts on “Emails With Friends: Revolution and the Humblebrag”

  1. Your Aunt Donna’s b-day is May 29th so that may offer some consolation. Also, PH generally rode his horse to town and back, occasionally shooting his supper on the way home.

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