Emails With Friends: Self-Doubt and Theoretical Physics

When one of us is writing a YA novel and the other is bad at sympathy.

“So, I have put off revising (or completely rewriting) my synopsis for [name of project redacted to protect the author], but in order to query the next few agencies on my list I need to have it. And I SERIOUSLY am hitting a wall here. Everything sounds incredibly dumb when boiled down to two pages in the third person.”

“Boiling down the theory of the multiverse, the best way someone ever explained it to me was to compare it to either bread slices or Swiss cheese. But that doesn’t make it dumb!”
– Katarina and C.


3 thoughts on “Emails With Friends: Self-Doubt and Theoretical Physics”

  1. Cadence, do you have a friend who is familiar with the work who would be willing to do you a favor and draft a synopsis? I think you might be startled by a fresh perspective, and you can redraft it to suit your needs. Just a thought.

    1. It’s Katarina’s draft, but we do swap projects like that from time to time and give each other fresh eyes.

    2. Thanks for the suggestion, Vickie! A fresh (and more nearly objective) perspective on what the MS is about would be great–and I’ve been thinking about this, too. Currently hesitant to shove this burden on any of my writer friends, but when someone owes me one…

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