Friday Links (‘Hey look! I have a husband again’ Edition)

“I’ll have no husband, if you be not he.”
― William Shakespeare, As You Like It

You know what’s nice? Being with your spouse. Over the last two years we’ve spent ten months apart, which is doable but not my favorite. It’s much better having one’s nice husband around and close at hand.

Mum gets back on Tuesday and John flies in on the 14th so the whole gang will get one last hurrah before we head out. At some point Amy and Ryan will come to visit as well, and I need to head up to DC to see Xarissa and to Williamsburg to see Hannah. All of my friends are finally more or less in the same time zone and I’m leaving the country, typical.

Two weeks from tomorrow is our last day Stateside – suddenly everything is moving into crunch time. Banks are being called! British Pounds are being bought! Last minute purchases are being made when we confirm that certain brands will no longer be available to us! We are a flurry of activity over here.

I have one week left of work and it is a mad scramble to finish some projects – though the sheer amount of content I’ve wrangled, compiled, or scheduled is pretty impressive. Tomorrow we go back to my dad’s new rental property to continue fixing it up and trying to get renters into it. We’re busy over here! Here are your links, and tell me what you’re up to this weekend.

Interesting advice, that I may be taking at some point here in the next year. Thoughts?

80s wedding dresses struck celebrities too. A problem not necessarily confined to the 80s (Emma Thompson, what?!). Agree or disagree with this list?

The National Trust has gifted this Pinterest board to all of us. Be suitably thankful!

This travel journal is spectacular (the artist has a blog too!)  and I’m feeling inadequate again. Heck, I don’t even journal anymore.

I love looking at clever, pretty small apartments and then ponder on the tiny, cramped thing we will probably have to live in once in London. Househunting commences in a couple of weeks and I’m getting a bit stressed when contemplating it.

If Jeff can talk me into having kids (and I’ve got to be honest, after this month of domestic wrangling, his chances are pretty low), I wonder about eye color. All the girls in my family have green eyes and if I have a daughter myself, I always thought it would be nifty if genetics continued the tradition for us. Jeff’s got blue, so apparently the odds are 50/50.


Kind of loved this.

Amy found this and everyone should check it out.

9 thoughts on “Friday Links (‘Hey look! I have a husband again’ Edition)”

  1. The small apartment thing is fun…sort of like living in a boat. You learn to own much less, but better quality stuff. Once you get settled, (if you like) happy to help with trans-Atlantic design consults. I re-did our 5 by 7 foot bathroom and have just re-designed our eight-foot galley kitchen.

    Any boy dying to dance needs to get into a dance class, stat. Enough with effin’ sports. Anyone who dances, seriously, knows it takes every bit of grace, strength, stamina and flexibility of other sports.

    Enjoy your last few weeks stateside. See you in London, hoping to get there in Jan. or Feb.

    1. That’s been our project all year – less stuff and better quality – and I’ve frankly enjoyed the switch to a new mindset. But apartment hunting is going to be a major experience! I’m both excited and a bit intimidated.

      Amen about dance. Have you *seen* a dancer’s body, sir? They could run (twirl) circles around any footballer player.

      Can’t wait for tea in London!

  2. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited to start reading about your London adventures on the blog! 🙂 (Tho your VA adventures are pretty cool too!)

  3. I just got a job offer today that I can’t imagine I was one of the most qualified to apply for. I’ve convinced myself that I got the offer because I really sold my interest and desire to learn and expand myself.

    Of course that may all be delusion since I had one of my profs call down there and he’s probably the real reason I got the job.

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