Friday links (Tearing Hurry Edition)

“Those who are wise won’t be busy, and those who are too busy can’t be wise.”
― Lin Yutang, The Importance Of Living

Running errands today, working, and helping dad get a new house set up for renters tomorrow. What’s your weekend looking like?

Bringing back the table that started it all.

File under Badasses. No guns, no radios, no parachutes and so hardcore that taking one down earned a pilot the Iron Cross.

Every day this artist illustrates one of Jay-Z’s now famous 99 problems.

I admit it. I have no desire to participate.

I am sorry to all the cheese-mongers I must have pained over the years with my incorrect behavior.

Kill them all! Also, speaking of weird diseases they carry, don’t know if I mentioned this but there is a rare disease that some of them spread that makes the infected allergic to red meat. Or, what Jeff calls an entirely new level of Hell.

The Associated Press has only just forgiven the Duchess of Cambridge (side rant – I hate that people still call her Kate Middleton. Guys, she has a shiny new title and everything, use it) for not giving birth according to their schedule. I’ll let the Fug Girls take it from here, in their usual hilarious style.

I found this oddly, simply good advice.

This pleases me.

Now that Prince George of Cambridge is actually here (and the paparazzi can stand down for all of five minutes), Jezebel takes us on a brief tour of royal births and the portrayals of royal children through the ages. Also, the look of the lady enduring the c-section is both alarming and priceless. “Uh, excuse me. What the actual hell are you doing?” she seems to say.

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