Friday Links (Slings and Arrows Edition)

“The whole point of the week is the weekend.”
― Bones, TV show

ETA: Apologies for the delay, minions, the blighted internet has been down all day, I just got it up and running, and fear it could fail at any minute. That’s been a theme this week, the loss of internet, along with only intermittent phone coverage, selling the car (if any minions are in the market in a certain western state, do let me know), and getting our visas!  …Only to be told that the consulate can’t ship them because FedEx doesn’t recognize Jeff’s current zip code, even though it’s the one he mailed off our applications from in the first place. We collectively resisted the urge to bang our heads against something and came up with a solution but seriously. I just want them in our hands already – although we’re really impressed at how quick the turnaround time was for getting them. End addition.

Very busy, must dash. Political people to try and get a hold of and major luxury brands to wrangle interviews from. And cleaning, I must clean. Gah, my vacation is very similar to my regular life, n’est pas? Except for the fact that I’m trying to find ways to use up a truly alarming amount of frozen deer meat in the freezer, that’s definitely new.

Gentlemen, ha. Everyone should read these.

People, we must control ourselves better when the heat rises! Such culinary behavior is totally unwarranted.

Royal Baby Watch reached fever pitch this week. This was one of the better, less invasive features on the subject.

In case I haven’t mentioned it (re: you’re probably sick of hearing it), but I’m tingling with excitement about getting back to Britain and its theatres. Stephen Fry – my spirit animal – is making it worse.

Blog find of the week, which compares past and present, and particularly the influence (and sometimes shameless copycatting of) high art in fashion.

Two great men of letters tell us how to make tea. The comments are equally funny.

Hat tip to one of the girls for this post, because of my recent photo-romance with derelict.

I just want to make everyone aware that this twitter feed exists. You are welcome. It may be that my week was a bit too frantic, but I found this hysterical.

Both lovely and sad.

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