Crosswords and Shakespeare. Sexy.

“Shakespeare – the nearest thing in incarnation to the eye of God.”
– Laurence Olivier

I’m giddy, minions. J. was put in touch with the specific guy who will be handling our immigration paperwork from the business end, to whom we’ve sent copies of our documents to get the ball rolling, and I wrangled the benefits company who managed my 401k and retirement today. Money will soon be coming our way – and thence straight into savings and student loan payments. I also managed to renew my drivers license through the most painless DMV experience of my life yesterday morning, did a ton of research on our travel arrangements, and booked my flight to Virginia. All in between freelance projects.

Incidentally, apart from giddy, I’m also tired.

So J. and I are doing the New York Times crossword, waiting for this to finish loading (…and we’re back to giddy). We’re feeling alternately too old for our ages, and smug and pretentious, but don’t worry. Kettlecorn and sweatpants will put us back in a humble frame of mind straight away. Besides, it’s impossible to be pretentious while watching Shakespeare (at least if you’re doing it correctly). You’re too busy becoming one with all humanity, and we are foible ridden lot.

How are your Tuesday evenings going?

I am irrationally excited about this.
I am irrationally excited about this.

2 thoughts on “Crosswords and Shakespeare. Sexy.”

  1. Shut the front door – that exists? I now have plans for myself after work. Incidentally, have you seen him in Hamlet? You can download it from Amazon. Have I mentioned that I’m kind of in love with him? It’s okay because Val is, too, in a super manly kind of way.

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