I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major Theatre Geek

“Oh Frederic, can you not in the calm excellence of your wisdom reconcile it with your conscience to say something that will easy my father’s sorrow?”
“Can’t you cheer him up?”
– The Pirates of Penzance

Ah yeah, ladies, you want this.
Ah yeah, ladies, you want this.

Without doubt, one of the best things about working for a university with several renowned performing arts programs and groups, and the talent they manage to attract – is coupling all that with the sweet staff and faculty discount I get on tickets. I’ve seen at least one opera or musical and play every year I’ve lived here (The Magic Flute was painfully mediocre – although the witch trio was amazing, Die Fledermaus was one of my favorite comic performances ever, The Phantom of the Opera could have been mistaken for a Broadway or West End performance, Love’s Labour’s Lost – set in WWII France – was brilliant).

Today I bought my last tickets as a staff member: a summer performance of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance (the movie version of which starring Kevin Kline and so delightfully, purposefully camp was a childhood favorite). It felt bittersweet tucking my last discounted ticket envelope into my bag.

Then I got an email about next year’s lineup for touring performers. John Lithgow, Audra McDonald, and Joshua Bell. As well as a Middle Eastern group performing an adaptation of Hamlet in Farsi, a marionette troupe, and some really great looking Shakespeare.

Bittersweet to just bitter, alas!

…But then I think about how I can go to performances at The Globe and in the West End…and I’m mollified.

2 thoughts on “I Am The Very Model of a Modern Major Theatre Geek”

  1. Kevin Kline! I do love Pirates of Penzance – I think I like Pinafore more overall, but the Sergeant is one of my favourite second-tier G&S characters and oh oh oh I can’t choose.

    Anyway, don’t worry, there’s loads of G&S here! 😀 Over Christmas we saw a great all-male production of Pirates (http://www.piratesisback.com/), and I remember a fantastic camp late-night BDSM version of Pinafore above a pub a few years ago.

    1. Those sound magnificent. Christmas plans, ho! And I share your love for the Sergeant! I’ve always preferred Pirates to Pinafore, but that’s probably due entirely to my childhood favoritism, of which I do not repent.

      Although, now I’m taking some of the lyrics in totally different ways (When the Foeman Bears His Steel has now become quite a bit more raunchy in my head thanks to you…;)

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