A Blurb on Aesthetics

“Huh, I’ve wiped the file?  I’ve wiped all the files? I’ve wiped the internet? Aw, hell I don’t even have a modem!”
– Eddie Izzard

Hola, minions.

Yes things are looking a bit different here at Small Dog Blog Headquarters. I wish I could say in was in connection with something significant or noteworthy, but the truth is that I took a blog and website customizing class last week and I’m just goofing around learning new tricks. You know how I adore tinkering with things. I’m toying with the idea of a professional website here in the new future; the valiant Val, husband to Venice, was kind enough to walk me through the website process a week back, and I’ve been scheming about it ever since. And what better way to practice than hazarding the blog with near oblivion as I press buttons and fiddle around. Who knows, the blog may change again here in the near future! Likewise I might delete the internet, anything is possible.


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