Year in Review

Years are such big things, aren’t they?  I know for me at least, they seem to go by quicker and quicker, but when I really think back over what happened this past year, I’m a bit boggled!

We had some struggles this year.  I was personally spared a great deal, but many of those I love had some rough times.  Friends got divorced, health problems continued to dog others, and my brother-in-law lost his parents.

There were other, better times.  I got a tiny little addiction (and found out many of you were already strung out), and enjoyed it entering the cultural zeitgeist.

Friends got married, a few had babies, and there were parties.

J. was gone for half the year (which is weird, because it doesn’t seem like we were ever apart), and we missed each other.  And apparently baffled not a few people who prophesied all sorts of cheery things for us (including infidelity) – so thanks for all you guys who didn’t take that train of thought and instead provided support, distraction, and encouragement.

Margot lived with me for a while before she got married and J. came back.  Hilarity ensued.

I committed to getting healthy this year and had a lot of fun doing so.  Of course, a year of working out at least one hour a day did wonders for me – but it took a bout of food poisoning to drop that last ten pounds.

The universe dropped a happiness bomb on us!

I was Best Man in a wedding.

Half the country caught fire over the summer.  Other, less destructive things happened too.

J. graduated, and we spent a week in London to celebrate and reported on our adventures.  I can’t want to go back.

I turned 26 and J. 27.

The election, a production the better part of a decade in the making happened.  I was annoyed with the more wailing and gnashing of teeth reactions, but then the Mayans predicted the end of the world so maybe November signalled the end…

…Oh.  Wait.

J. and I ran off to Virginia for Thanksgiving and gave you an insight into the Small Dog clan, and we stayed put for Christmas.

And all throughout, work wastypical.

2012 wasn’t a stellar writing year, but I think was one of the best pieces I’ve done in the last twelve months.

And that was the past year here at Small Dog HQ.  The world at large did not end (to some people’s annoyance), but Gangam Style, the terrible Liz and Dick TV movie, and Rush Limbaugh made a few of us wonder if it might.  Things are politically tricksy in this country, and even more so elsewhere, but there were a great many small ways the human race showed that it’s going to get through it – small boys held signs reminding the world that the act of a few radicals did not and would not be allowed to speak for him, and neighbors shared power after cities went dark from storms.  Sure things, got a bit snarky and grim from time to time, but there were always bright sparks of humor, real good will, and happiness – and if that doesn’t sum up what we’re trying to do here, nothing does.

And 2013 is already looking so breathlessly hopeful I can barely stand it.

Happy New Year, kittens!  I hope it brings good things for all of you!


One thought on “Year in Review”

  1. Years ARE such big things. I tried to summarize my year in one post and it felt amazingly impossible. Wishing you guys a year packed high and wide of the very best things in life 🙂

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