Backstory is Overrated

“You’re the Anne to my Mitt.”
“You make me look better.  I’m not exactly a nice person.”

“Yes you are!”
“Darling, I just stabbed you with a fork.”
“…Yeah.  That’s true.”
– C. and J.

This is the first time I’ve gotten on WordPress in days, kittens.  It’s the first week of the term and the stress is unbelievable.  This year, instead of spacing the hiring, the start of the term, the various upgrades to university systems (and their inevitable collapses and IT breakdowns), the start of the football season, and the training of our new employees, we get the dubious pleasure of all the aforementioned at once.  Last night I bit the bullet and took drugs – and it was glorious – because I haven’t been sleeping, and when I did manage to doze off I was grinding my teeth.

So, this is just a little reminder that Aunty C. hasn’t forgotten you.  Small Dog Snark Inc. will be up and rolling again shortly.  In the meantime, what are you up to, darlings?

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