So, Your Husband Comes to Visit…

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”
~Andre Maurois

That title makes us sound like the most dysfunctional couple imaginable, but really, all things considered, I really like my marriage.  Even when we split the party between two continents, I’ve always felt confident in and enthusiastic about being married to J.  He’s a catch.

But a six month absence does lead to some funny instances of, “Oh.  I’d forgotten you do that.”

For example, he is much better at doing dishes than me.  In fact, I came home from work yesterday to find he had redone a load of dishes that had failed to live up to his exacting standards.  Lovely for me – who hates doing dishes with a vicious passion – until it makes me question if my plates, pots and pans have been (in spite of my best efforts) dirty for the last six months.

Me: "Good grief, you're hungry again?" Him: "I've only had one dinner!"

Also: feeding him.  Last night I made a pot of curry, an easy and tasty recipe (courtesy of Savvy) and one that would have lasted me three days prior to Monday.  Monday being the day J. flew in.  It’s completely gone.

In spite of his voracious appetite and his singular ability to make me feel domestically challenged, I’m awfully glad he’s here!

7 thoughts on “So, Your Husband Comes to Visit…”

  1. Glad he’s back for a while…I suspect this is a milder version of what military spouses go through as they try to re-learn the person they are married to! And, of course, people are likely to change over six months, even more confusingly.

    A man who likes doing dishes? Send him over!

    1. He hates laundry, I hate dishes, so we each shove the unwanted chore off on the other. It’s a glorious system, I have missed it terribly!

  2. I love your posts. They are always fun to read, and I always love the links! I just wanted to say that…

    Random question…Is curry good? I have never had it. What exactly is in curry? >.<


    1. Curry is the ambrosia of the gods, m’dear. It’s a any of a variety of Asian dish that varies its ingredients from country to country. The basic dish is a thick sauce made with curry powder (hence the name – clever, eh?) with meats or vegetables stewed in. It’s mildly spicy (unless you throw chilies or other spices in to up the heat) and quite good over rice. Try it the next time you’re at a Thai or Indian restaurant, you tastebuds thank me in advance! 😉

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