See C. Run

Projects?!  I will give you projects!’
– C.

I’ve been home about a month, and it’s two months until J. and I meet up for Christmas at my parents.  In the past month, in an effort to fill up some of the free time I’ve found myself with, here’s what I’ve taken up:

In my case, boredom.

Exercise classes: working for a university means I’ve an overabundence of such resources.  Zumba (Latin dance based cardio) three times a week, yoga at least twice.  It’s quite funny to watch a bunch of uncoordinated people like me jumping around while an instructor bellows, “Put your hips into it!”  There’s on particularly secure young man, freshman I think, who joins in and shakes it with the best of a room full of women – hats off to you, sir!  Although apparently my previous ballet expirience makes my yoga teacher want to weep.  “Why are you pointing your foot?!  You are supposed to sink into the earth like a tree, at one with the universe, not contort yourself into an unnatural shape!”  Naff off, lady, after 15 years I’ve still got a perfect bevel to my foot!

Pintrest: I’ve heard from everybody and their dog that it’s an addictive site.  They were terribly, horribly right.  This perusing of good ideas has led to an increase in –

Cooking: I’ve stocked the freezer with frozen chicken tetrazzini, made homemade chicken broth, endless amounts of soups (all necessary for chilly Fall weather) to freeze or enjoy now, perfected my already pretty good chocolate chip cookies, and started to plan my campaign of holiday baking.

Shopping: but only minimally.  We’ve car payments, rent, utilities, and now loan payments and I, my darlings, am being good.  I had to replace a couple pairs of shoes that were well and truly past their sell by date, got two knit dresses that go marvelously with boots and leggings for work and play, and had an indulgence purchase of two pashminas (for the price of one!).  Because I live in them from September to April, and because I found one in an incredible emerald green that simply needed to live around my neck.

Organizing writing projects: after a strict talking to by Scarlett to do so.

Reading: I have a reservation list a mile long at two of my libraries (university and local).  But please, add suggestions to it.  Vigorously.  I read terribly fast.

Documentaries: I quite liked Ken Burns’ newest offering, Prohibition.  Fun fact, Mum and Dad met at a discotheque called The Prohibition.  Which is entirely unrelated, but I still find it funny.

Finding a bridesmaid dress: Sadie and Pieter are tying the knot two months from tomorrow!  I’m ridiculously excited and happy for them, but still haven’t found le frock juste for the occasion.  Bridesmaids dresses can be just as tricky as the  Big Dress itself sometimes…

End results: I’ve lost, no joke, 9 pounds in three weeks, despite all of the food I can’t seem to stop making.  I live at the library in the evenings – when I’m not talking to J..  I’m getting excited for the holidays, though disgusted with all of the Christmas decorations that are cropping up everywhere.  I categorically refuse to play my Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving, although I can admit that I’m occasionally tempted to…

What projects have you taken up recently, kittens?

One thought on “See C. Run”

  1. Glad you’re back, sorry you’re missing the hubby. Interesting fantasy series ‘Children of the Desert’ by Leona Wisoker, she sucked me in to the story. When I met her I told her that I hated her and we’ve become fast friends! Projects? Finish and submitting 2 more short stories, final tweaking (per 2 agents) for manuscript re-submission, AND getting through to the next day.

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