Room. Mate.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What!  You too? I thought I was the only one.”
– C.S. Lewis

Actual photo of the elusive Margot in the wild...

Kittens, I have failed.  I told you all long ago that I had exciting news regarding the unfailingly awesome Margot…and then neglected utterly to tell you want it is.  Here it is: she moved in with me!

With J. off in London and me with this two bedroom flat all by my lonesome, and she with this horrid student apartment she was splitting with five other people, and a probable job starting in February that would make it hard to sell her housing contract (since she would have to move out of the country)… we figured she should just take up residence at chez Small Dog.  And lucky me, she said yes.

Margot is a busy girl holding down multiple jobs including teaching, tutoring, volunteering, and applying for yet more jobs.  She’s taught all over the Pacific (mostly in New Zealand), she also grew up partly in Japan as the daughter of a US Air Force officer, she is sister to Pinto (now living and teaching herself in Germany with her husband), and Margot is planning on an educational administrative job in South America next year – unless a cooler offer presents itself.  Yeah, if she weren’t my friend, she’d make me sick too.

In the interest of getting to know someone who will most likely feature at Small Dog Humor and Snark Inc., here’s a brief interview:

So, your computer dies spectacularly sending your life’s work into the screaming void.  Reaction?

Favorite flowers, just so your admirers know what to send  (as we at Small Dog Social Commentating are awash in such things)?
I like stargazer lilies, red roses and (new discovery) baby’s breath.  But it has to be all baby’s breath.  Mix any of these and you die.

You are a box of pudding just waiting to be made, what flavor are you?
I am sugar free chocolate pudding.

The one author you would deny your students forever if you got the chance?  As a taste issue, you understand, no banned books here.
Ooh…Stephanie Meyer’s too cliche, there’s got to be someone I hate more… I’m going to say Glenn Beck?

You have to wear one outfit for the rest of you life, make it good!
Black slacks, white frilly button up, black blazer, scarf, red lipstick.  Oh!  And fake big rimmed glasses and stilettos.  I’ll look like I’m going to a very corporate funeral.  “He was a good man…of business…”

Care to say hello to the minions?
You people are fabulous.  Carry on.

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