Low Point

“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. ”
~ Charlotte Brontë

I woke up the other morning on J.’s side of the bed for the first time since I got back.  Only half awake I was trying to snuggle up against him because fall is slowly moving in and it’s getting chilly in the morning.  Bam.  Marriage nostalgia punched me in the face, kicked me in the stomach, and laughed at my misery.

I self medicated: rented an entire season of a show, got dinner takeaway, and wolfed down a whole piece of cheesecake.  Like I said: low point.

I miss this. I suspect even J. does too.

5 thoughts on “Low Point”

  1. Hey, it wasn’t a whole cheese—cake!

    Hang in there…I know I would miss Jose terribly (and am still applying for a semester-long teaching job in a distant state for 2013.) You’re both doing what you must, and your willingness to do it shows a lot of guts on both your parts.

    1. Oh Caitlin…had I but the funds, that whole cheesecake would have been mine. Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate them!

    2. Haha…I was about to make the exact same comment in reference to the cheesecake.

      Also, I had something else to say, but the Columbia fight song is currently playing over and over in my head REALLY LOUDLY, so alas, there shall be no wisdom here.


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