Et Je Suis Revenu!

– C.

Hello, my well beloved minions!  How have you been, darlings?  Yes, I’m back stateside and J. is in London – let’s not talk too much about that now, the wound is still pretty fresh.  I’ve got to tell you about his eccentric landlords (that’s right, we found him a house!), the inevitable humors and horrors of modern air travel, and about the trek to find him a place to live.

But all in good time, because I can’t lie: my brain feels alternately bruised and stuffed with wool.  I was up for 20 hours straight yesterday, everything’s a fog, and I’ve got to catch up on a (modest) pile of work on my desk.

So!  Tell me about you!  What marvelous adventures have you had?

4 thoughts on “Et Je Suis Revenu!”

  1. Well, I got married Sept. 17. That was pretty big in my life. Now back at home after two weeks in Canada, trying to settle back into normal life. Also awaiting (very nervously) my agent’s edits on my book proposal for what I hope will soon become my third book.

    It must have been hard as hell to leave your hubby behind!

    1. It was hard, there were tears, but we still feel like it’s the right school and a good decision for the both of us. Doesn’t really make me feel TONS better, but every little bit helps.

      Congratulations on your marriage! And best of luck with the book proposal!

  2. I’ve just been sitting here, waiting for you to get back so that I could distract you with tales of teaching teenagers (and so I could use that alliteration, which I knew you’d love). Also… when are you moving in with us?

  3. I’ve skipped an inordinate amount of class. And officially declined Rwanda (as of today) after learning I wouldn’t pass the medical assessment.

    Glad you all found a place for J to live and can’t wait to get caught up on your adventures!

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