The Universe is Trying to Kill Me

“The greatest evil is physical pain.”
– Saint Augustine

Two weekends ago I went hiking and rolled one ankle and strained the opposite calf.  The other day I dropped the rubbish bin right on the joint where my big toe connects to my metatarsals, resulting in a huge bright blue bruise (in addition to a great deal of hopping about the house and swearing), and yesterday I actually managed to worry and stress myself right into a sore throat and cold.  Several nights of London-tripping-planning-and-fretting-and-not-nearly-enough-sleep contributed I’m sure.  I also worked out a bit too vigorously the other day and my hip is inflamed and sore.  All things considered, I’m one large aching bruise.

Anyone else suffering any complaints?  Sound off, minions!

7 thoughts on “The Universe is Trying to Kill Me”

  1. Enlarged stomach. Swollen ankles. Sleep deprivation. Pin cushions for fingers. Haywire emotions. Strict diet. Constant state of being too warm. You know, pretty much the typically pregnancy stuff.

  2. … do you want to hate me? 😀 I’m sunburned, my feet have blisters from breaking in shiny new flip-flops, and my ankles hurt from the constant walking I do everywhere… in the sun.

  3. I can’t talk! If I scream at the top of my lungs, I can get out something that sounds like a boy going through puberty crossed with a mezzo being strangled. Other than that, it’s consonants only. And given that you know how much I love to talk…this is a serious affliction.

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