“Wait. So yoga pants and old college t-shirts aren’t tres chic? I am in so much trouble.”
– Tori, of The Ramblings (check her out!)

Très chic?  Perhaps not.  Très nécessaire?  Bien sûr!

This was a point of discussion so let me just reassure you, my fuzzy little ducklings.  Comfort clothes, workout gear (IF you are already in the habit) and loungewear are important, but I maintain that they must bow down to C.’s Laws of Travel and serve multiple functions.  Yoga pants can be napped in, worn to run errands, thrown on of a Saturday morning to do the laundry run, and even exercised in (who knew?).

The same goes for college sweatshirts.  I’ve two, one is old, worn, pilled, and stained.  The other is none of the above – which one do you think I’m taking?  I do not ascribe to that medieval notion that all sweatshirts should be banned from polite society, there are plenty of places it’s appropriate (weekends, casual dinners at the pub with friends, on the aforementioned laundry day when you’re in desperate sartorial straights, etc.).

The underlying rule though, possums, is that in order for your loungewear to deserve space in your suitcase, it must be of good quality and in good condition.  It’s very hard for something to serve multiple functions if it’s in a sorry state.  Those ripped trackies may have been with you for years, but their day is ended.  Store them for the memories if you must (though I advise against it), but don’t pack them, items need to be kept in good repair for you to look your best.  And when you’re living abroad with limited funds and limited packing space, taking things that make you look a wreck is just silly; and you’re not silly, are you, pumpkins?

If your gear is all twenty years old, covered in soup stains, shredding at the hems, and generally looks as though it’s survived the zombie apocalypse, don’t despair!  It’s possible to get new things for relatively cheap at Old Navy, Gap, and any number of specialty stores.  Comfort, the ability to look (relatively, in my case) put together while working out, and casual clothes for the days when you really, really can’t care are worth it.

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