Travel Wisdom: Scarlett

Go native.

“Assume you’ll need to adapt to local things unless you want to spend way more than necessary!  When I moved to the Caribbean, I found that food and toiletries and clothes (even the fully-non-brand name variety) were all two to three times more expensive than the States.  On the other hand, if you learn to live like the locals, you’ll save quite a lot: for example local fruit (and rum!) was practically free, and local bakeries and goat dairies were cheap.  One of my roommates was suspicious of everything not imported from the States and spent WAY too much money; I risked the local route and not only saved but got a much more interesting experience.”

– Scarlett, who has not only lived and done volunteer work in the Caribbean, she also applying to do more in Rwanda.  Fingers crossed!

One thought on “Travel Wisdom: Scarlett”

  1. But of course!

    Why go somewhere else to live — and pretend you didn’t? Having lived in France, England and Mexico I have very fond memories of the food, drink and other local products and customs. The Mexican white bread was called Bimbo and my favorite chewy candy (like Starbursts) was Sugus. But the best were the coated peanuts called Japanese peanuts…addictive! Oh, and churrros and…. 🙂

    You have to be somewhere fully to experience it.

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