Mum’s the Word

“At the risk of being crass, Mum, you do realize that you kick ass, right?”
“I do, don’t I!”

– C., Mum

A belated post on my Mum, because I spent yesterday talking on the phone to her and having dinner at my in-laws’, like a good daughter should!

1.  Mum, you were horribly, obnoxiously right about piano lessons.  I’m glad you sat on my head for ten years so I could realize I liked them.  I wish I had practiced more.

2.  Thanks for letting me quit ballet.   I regret doing it and I miss it, but that teacher was evil.  You got me out of a bad situation, and taught me long term the value of really knowing how much I can take.

3.  You taught me how to cook.  I’ll never love it, but let me tell you, when I put my mind to it, even you would be impressed with what I can whip up!

4.  You taught me how to stand up for myself and that sometimes it’s necessary to be a vicious, biting wench when it comes to sticking up for friends, family, and principles.

5.  You also taught me to be a lady, and that it was more than sitting up straight, keeping my elbows off the table, and knowing which fork to use with which course (even though you were pretty good about covering those too).  It’s that my actions directly affect everyone I come in contact with, and I’d better behave accordingly.  I’m still working on this one, but I have high hopes for myself.

6.  You taught by example that my education doesn’t ever end, and must be aggressively sought throughout life.  Three degrees, four kids, ten moves across countries and continents, two dogs, and Cambridge later, you’re still learning and teaching.

7.  You taught me the importance of belief and faith, even when it’s unpopular and hard, and that no set of principles is worth having if it’s not worth questioning, struggling over, and occasionally taking that Indiana Jones step into nothing.

8.  You always trusted me, with school, boys, work, high school, and my own opinions.  You gave advice when I asked for it, and let me go my own merry way when I didn’t.  This quiet confidence in me kept me straight like helicopter parenting never could.  Clever you.

9.  More Dior, less Disney.  Best lesson ever.

I stand by what I said, Mum, you totally kick ass.

Your Not Quite Perfectly Ladylike But Getting There Thanks to You Daughter

6 thoughts on “Mum’s the Word”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful tribute. The generosity of heart you demonstrate with everyone makes me bust with pride. We love you more than everything.

  2. The real test of successful motherhood is how well their children turn out. And anyone who has a daughter sweet enough to write such a touching tribute must have chalked up a few points somewhere along the line. Thank you for making me look good, and thanks for the kind words as well!

    I adore the poster, and love you! (Now, keep your elbows off the table.)


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