A History, Told Through Emails

“It snowed last year too:  I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea.”
~ Dylan Thomas

Yes I know I sound narccissistic, but I need your help for school. What is your favorite childhood memory of me? I need to make a short story of it.

Probably all of our made up games we played on the trampoline

I always liked jousting with those ridiculous bouncy-ball things.

I need an exact memory to put into a story.

Then use the jousting one.  Those were awesome

What was our war cry again?

CHAAAAAAAAAAAARGE!  Good times, good times…

This isnt helping?

Why not? Here’s your story. One day we were bored and Mom had banned us all from TV (we’d probably done something illegal). After she kicked us outside the three of us pouted, moped, and whined for a while before Gio picked up one of the bouncy balls.  Me being the charming older sister that I am, decided to give chase on the other bouncy ball. You, four-year-old Buddy, were at the height of your knight-obsessed stage and recognized our idiocy for the potential genius of modernized jousting that it was.  You ordered us to opposite sides of the yard to wait until you signaled, at which point we let out a battle cry and bounced with all our might at each other. First one dislodged lost. Thereafter every Sunday in the summer, we held tournaments.

Hey nonny nonny, hey nonny nonny.

I cant write a whole page on “chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrge!!!”

See above.  Ingrate.



High fives everyone.

Our noble steeds.

2 thoughts on “A History, Told Through Emails”

  1. oh lord, I remember bouncy-ball jousting in your backyard, as an intermission to working on Juliet and Romeo.

    “Whilst we were changing clothes…”



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