“There are really only two plays:  Romeo and Juliet, and put the darn ball in the basket.”
~Abe Lemons

Remember the tale my  conversion to American football?  Well, much to J.’s annoyance, this love never really spread to basketball – and while he likes football just fine, the boy loves basketball.  It’s his mistress.  This is an accepted facet of our relationship and we got on just fine, the three of us.  But come March, good grief!

This year J. made me fill out a bracket, largely against my will, and was pretty amused by my picks.  And granted, the science behind it wasn’t very sound.  If I’d never heard of the school before, it lost.  If I knew of both the schools, it came down to which mascot would win in a fight.  A couple of times I closed my eyes and pointed.

No one s more surprised than me that every one of my picks hasn’t failed mightily.  Want to share your wisdom or picks with the group?

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