Things I Want to Buy But Can’t

“It’s a horrible thing to have champagne taste and a soda budget.”
– Mum

I have to keep reminding myself that as fabulous as I am in my head, I still haven’t managed to finagle a book deal, become the mistress of some Italian magnate, or convince Society to sponsor me as a witty companion…ergo I am still poor.   Especially since I am still financially recovering from Christmas shopping for approximately thirty million people (and/or the items on my lust list are prohibitively expensive and I could never justify it):

Let's start with the most expensive and unnecessary shall we? Because I cannot have it.
An absolutely gorgeous print from Spanish artist Blanca Gomez, and which costs $12 just to ship. Which does not matter because I cannot have it.
Also comes in Navy, which is sold out of my size. But it doesn't matter because I cannot have it.

8 thoughts on “Things I Want to Buy But Can’t”

  1. I feel your pain my sister. I do, I do. Then we are insulted and ASSAULTED by the Snooki’s of the world getting publishing contracts.

    I have my own list of WANTs that I must drool over. My dog is complaining over the damp.


    1. No kidding, right? Where are the Audrey Hepburns of today? It’s all about Snooki and the Bad Girls Club.

      C- your day will come when America gets tired of the trash and dumps it. Until then, keep up your classy chin up!

  2. Darling. I have been desperately desiring a full set of black pearls (from choker to rope) for nearly two years now, and alas, I am a broke grad student who refuses to take advantage of her luxe-incomed forbears.

    Our day will come…

    1. Commiserating, dearest. Alternatively, I have excellent ideas for presents for you for the next few years (thanks to a brother in law who spends a lot of time with the pearl traders in China). Also, I may or may not have just bought the dress anyway…

  3. I’ve been thinking of that quote from your mother quite often recently…as I try to stop from even thinking about the things I can’t have, so I don’t get too upset. =). However, I finally went on a (MUCH needed) shopping trip a few weeks ago with a good friend, and emerged triumphant with a new round of clothes…for the first time in about 3 1/2 years. Hooray for Christmas money!

    1. I’m glad you got some pretty! There is nothing wrong with pretty as long as you do it wisely – and a 3.5 year break definitely qualifies you. No guilt allowed! Miss you, girl!

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